Im Blickpunkt

Beitrag zur Weltausstellung der FIDEM 2014 in Sofia
Natasha Ratcliffe, GB-Falmouth
Find Some Air, 2013, Bronze mit Emaillefarbe
Die Künstlerin beschreibt die Medaille folgendermaßen:

'Find Some Air' is a medal born of a few reflections on the digital age that has evolved and is still evolving. As a teenager of the 90's, the internet as we know it was only just finding its feet, the social media frenzy that spins faster and faster, day by day was not evident. I am part of the last generation that can say "I remember before the internet". I see the double edged sword; it is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, also a camouflaged devourer of time and half-truths. The www's effect is staggering, from business to news to social, it is now unfathomable in size and importance.

'Find Some Air' is a figure, with markings much like tribal tattoos, representing life and spirit, crushed into the boundaries of the circuit board medal. Like an oversized hamster in a wheel, and uncomfortable in his stance. I have an awareness of this feeling when using the internet, it can be a bubble, and it can be at times overwhelming and oppressive to deal with. A conscious effort must be made to avoid the negative consequences of this. The reverse of the medal is the hand reaching out for space, beyond the obvious boundaries, a new plain. It is intended to be playful, not with answers or strict opinions, but offer a question about technology, the apparent freedom that it gives, and what that might cost.

Natasha Ratcliffe